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Undone Arabian Night Limited Edition COL-ARB-NGT

Undone Arabian Night Limited Edition COL-ARB-NGT

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Undone Arabian Night Limited Edition Product Description UNDONE introduces its first Lapis Lazuli dial made out of the semi-precious Lapis Lazuli stone, a deep-blue metamorphic rock. This particular type of stone coupled with a bronze case, are used to make the watch extra special – as no two pieces will be the same. In addition, it is the first UNDONE watch to be inscribed with Eastern Arabic numerals. The case will see its patina ages differently with every wear with its unique patina property, giving the watch a one-of-a-kind look. Like with the Lapis Lazuli dial’s uniqueness, there will also be no two similar bronze patina cases. The phrase “This Too Shall Pass” in Arabic is featured on the watch caseback. Bold and beautiful, and akin to the alluring Arabian night sky, the UNDONE Arabian Nights is a rare, glamorous, and significant piece that combines centuries of rich history with an adage that has never been more relevant today. This watch is limited to only 300 pieces, with each serialized on the watch caseback. The watch comes with an extra brown vintage leather strap for an easy switch.


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